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Hey guys mark lock are here we're gonna go over the different insurance coverage options for Florida specifically we're gonna go over the minimums what you should cover different levels of insurance and what you should watch out for we'll also go over some of the major discounts that Florida offers that other states don't offer so keep watching and hope you enjoy it all right we're gonna dig right in don't mind me if I'm looking down here I wrote some notes down on my cell phone here I got my mouse and I just jumped across the room this is gonna be a little bit of fun we're just gonna go through what Florida requires we're gonna start at the basics what you should carry and then when you call insurances what they're gonna ask you what to expect a penny on the companies you call they're gonna you know have a great experience other people they just you know they're just not the phone people so you know don't worry about it it's you know you call a couple insurances you get some great people you don't get some great people don't let that deter you as far as the company cuz there are some some really good service companies that their sales team isn't so good with if you don't know me I've been Insurance last five and a half six years I am licensed in 30 some-odd States I don't know exactly how many anymore lost track I'll look it up for one of our videos here really knowledgeable insurance us on shares of Florida Michigan Newark New Jersey Pennsylvania Maryland I mean just you name it I know most of the guidelines it's a lot to remember up here but a lot of are very similar however Florida is a lot different but I go over a little bit of the history of why Florida is the way it is a lot of people in Florida are noticing their rates are really high or if you're new you don't realize that the rates are high because you haven't ever seen the other rates Florida is ranked in the top 10 for the highest insurance rates in the nation if I'm not mistaken by the time doing this video it's in the top 5 and there's a few reasons that it is you can personally think Miami because Miami Florida is one of the highest risks they have very high in cars they have a lot of traffic they also have a lot of theft that is causing the rates to go up unfortunately that's a downfall not just that you're saying well I don't live in Miami I live in Orlando where I live in you know in Kissimmee you know you can't tell that I've lived in Flor before if you ever drive around Orlando if you've never been to Florida or if you're watching this video most likely you live in Florida but if you've ever been there you guys are crazy your driving is nuts I mean it's not used specifically for Floridians it's a lot of visitors so if you're in Orlando I used to live in Kissimmee and I'll give you two real quick stories I was driving down the road I come up to a four-way stop I stopped the other car came in stopped I went to go he started blaring his horn honking and flipping me off like hey...
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